Journal of Performance Analysis in Sport and Exercise (PASE) is the official journal of Ankara University Performance Analysis in Sports Application and Research Center (ASPAM). The ASPAM is a center established to combine theoretical knowledge and experience in all sports-related subjects and to contribute to the field of sports sciences.

The PASE aims to provide its readers with the highest quality and effective articles through a careful peer review and editorial work process. The articles to be published include both detailed scientific methods and guided results for sports professionals, providing the opportunity for immediate application in the field. In this sense, it will contribute to the field of sports sciences by fulfilling the requirements and observing ethical principles.

The PASE publishes scientific papers in the scope of sport, exercise, physical activity, exercise and health, sports medicine, biomechanics, sport and exercise physiology, sport and exercise psychology, performance in sport, training, and technology in sport. The PASE e is comprised of the following sections related to human movement sciences:

  • Physical Activity, Health and Exercise
  • Physiology and Nutrition
  • Sport and Exercise Psychology
  • Sports Medicine and Biomechanics
  • Performance in Sport
  • Technology in Sport